Friday, July 04, 2008

Grid Computing for a Greener Planet

I'll take a break from my usual stream of consciousness blogging, at least I'm claiming that!, to let you know that Grid Computing Now! has launched a new competition for 2008. Entitled "Grid Computing for a Greener Planet" we're jumping on the Green IT bandwagon - although we've been there a while now - see previous blogs ;o) This competition is aimed at students and IT professionals, to generate some new ideas about applying distributed computing to the task of reducing carbon emissions.

Now it's tempting to concentrate on the consumption of IT equipment and its venues in this context. This is indeed important, but the real dividend lies in the use of IT systems to optimise our use of energy and consequent carbon emissions in every field. Consider the way a supermarket can optimise the use of its warehousing, distribution, retail and home delivery activities through efficient management and control. Consider how the optimum use of transport facilities can minimise time spent wasting fuel in traffic queues, or even avoided using IT and communications facilities such as video conferencing.

I'd like to think that those of us who work, or plan to work with IT can find new and exciting ways to change the way we live and reduce our carbon footprint. If you agree, then this competition is your vehicle to help change the world! See for more!

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