Friday, May 19, 2006


It's been my pleasure this week to attend GridAsia2006. Hosted by the National Grid Office in Singapore with plenty of support from the leading Grid vendors: Oracle and Platform in particular; the event has combined a meeting of CCGrid - the 2006 IEEE forum on cluster computing, GECON - a symposium focused on developing a market model for grid, ROCKS and a special meeting aimed at UK-Singapore collaboration in Science, focused on Grid Technologies. This last meeting was the icing on the cake of an interesting week for me. Yesterday, we were able to showcase the work of several of the UK eScience collaborative projects ranging from DAME/BROADEN from Rolls-Royce; White Rose Grid from York University; GOLD an ambitious plan to develop a virtual chemical engineering industry in the NorthEast of the UK centred around the work at Newcastle University and finally, the work in Cardiff University of Omer Rana, Deputy Director of the Welsh eScience Centre. Presentations from all are available at the GridAsia2006 website.

The Singapore Government is championing the use of Grid for three strategic industries:- Bio Technology; Digital Media and Aerospace, and the forces in the industry are marshalling their efforts around these themes led from the front by colleagues in the National Grid Office and Simon See of Sun Microsystems who leads an industrial research activity in Singapore based at NTU. The interest of the UK government is to broaden collaboration and leverage the experience and knowledge of the eScience programme in Singapore. Following the seminar, there were several lively discussions around possible areas of collaboration. Watch this space!


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